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Utility BillPayment

Postpaid Mobile,Landline, Electricity, Gas, Insurance

Easiest and smartest way to pay utilitybills

General utility bills offerawesome convenience in one’s life by giving basic services to customers. Acustomer subscribes to, and devours services of, various general utilityservice providers such as postpaid mobile, electricity, landline phone, gas orinsurance. These utility services have be paid on time to enable the customersto appreciate continuous service. Imagine the inconvenience one needs toexperience for paying different providers, at different places, at differentdue dates. Well, this is about to become the least of your worries, as Ambika Recharge Solution brings to youa single window bill clearing utility through which you can pay all you utilitybills at one place right from the comforts of your computer or smartphone.

This service is presentlyavailable at all major cities in India through our consistently growing networkof major utility service providers. Our online system enables you to make useof the powerful world of internet to log on to our site and do payments formajor utility service providers all over the country. You would now be able toget the superb convenience of whenever, wherever pay bills through our easy touse portal, that not only offers a simple interface, but a sturdy and secureonline transaction module with industry standard security systems to protectyour money.

At Ambika Recharge Solution we help you set up a full-fledged utilitybill payment business for your region and area. We operate on a pan-India basisand have the infrastructure to let you run a successful utility bill paymentventure. You can collect utility bills for your customers for providers likeBSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, and Tata. You can set up the venture topay bills for state electricity boards, cooking gas, insurance, landline, andpostpaid mobile bills.


Territoria lDistributors, Modern Trade Chains,Corporate Retails, Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Profitable venture to maximize yourreturns and generate highincome

Inorder to enable wider outreachand broader coverage of our services, we atAmbika Recharge Solutionare lookingfor dynamic entrepreneurs who want to stepup their game and enter a lucrativedistributorship business opportunity. Availof better ROI in your business ascompared to other FMCG products. Our easy tomanage system enables you toconveniently monitor and keep track of the submerchants under your network,provides up-to-date book keeping and preciseaccounting system. Theseadvantages thusly, gives you more opportunity to focuson generating morebusiness and leave the bothers of daily operations to ourautomated softwaresystem.

AmbikaRecharge Solutionisalways vigilant for yearning ambitious businessmen who thinkbeyond practicalboundaries and willing to join our Pan-India network and becomea businesspartner with us. By converging with Ambika Recharge Solutionactivemonitoringsoftware tool, you can get rid of the bothers of accounting,monitoring andavail of 24x7 technical support. So, if you aim to own alucrativetechnological business in prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer distribution.

Asa new age distributor of ourservices and solutions, you get to play a biggerrole in our success and berewarded for it. The ‘low investment, high returns’is an attractive plus pointthat makes us a preferred provider for yourdistributorship business. Check outthe below advantages when you start adistribution business for Ambika Recharge Solution:

·        The dynamics ofcurrent government regulations mean that digitaland online payments is going togrow significantly. Why don’t you tap into thisbeneficial environment andpartner with Ambika Recharge Solution to build asustainable business foryourself? There will be absolutely no problems ofsplit up of your territory asyou continue to scale up in the near future andgrow your business.

·        Considerablecommissions on your association with Ambika Recharge Solution

·        Allows you to expandand grow your existing business line andenhance your product portfolio

·        Ideal partnershipopportunity for a work-from-home entrepreneur

·        You can utilize yourlocal network to enhance your productivityefficiently and exponentially add toyour revenue network

·        Ambika RechargeSolutionwill work as an interactive workmanagement/monitoring system to helpreduce book-keeping overheads and chancesof fraud

·        Reduces inventorydependence and augment sales, efficiency andturnover

·        Achieve a competitiveadvantage with an enhanced product linethat brings you good revenues

·        We ensure that youoperate your business with a firm control.Right from IT infrastructure supportto technical support, we are there for youto assist you to improve yourbusiness performance to an optimum level.

·        Our expertise inmobile/ data card recharge, DTH/ utility billpay, postpaid bill payment, andmoney transfer facilities is what makes us at Ambika Recharge Solution asensible business proposition to go with and commence yourown distributorshipventure in your territory.

Withour growing Pan-Indiapresence, it makes a winning combination to connect with AmbikaRecharge SolutionServices. So, if you are starting out to work your way tobecoming a successfultechno-preneur, or simply make your on-going business morebeneficial andproductive, we offer the below opportunities for you:

·        TerritorialDistributors: You can enterinto an uncharted territory for distributingour product/service offerings tolocal retailers

·        ModernTrade Chains: You can make useof innovative and technologicallyrelevant trade supply chains to expand your existingbusiness-line

·        CorporateRetailers: You can alsogrow your network with corporate andconglomerates and avail of group servicingthat leads to economies of scale andincreased turnover

·        Home-Basedentrepreneurs: You can workfrom the comforts of your home and help incompelling and productiveservice/product-line distribution in association withAmbika RechargeSolutionthat will help enhance your earning

·        APIPartners: Avail of theadvantages of tying up with third-partytechnological providers throughApplication Program Interface (API) providers

AmbikaRecharge Solutionofferthe most reliable utilty services that incorporate allfeatures like prepaid recharges(mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer etc.We at Ambika RechargeSolutionoffer various business models that includes themodel of rechargedistribution and retailer membership as well.

Weare here to offer simple andinnovative solutions for making distributorshipbusiness an easier thing tomanage. You will be able to deliver premium qualityservices to all yourconsumers with the backend support from our experts in thefield. The utilityservices distribution by us are exceedingly reliable, secureand scalable toaddress the issues of all your growing consumers.

AmbikaRecharge Solutiondistributiona simple, compelling and effective way to empowerend to end daily utilityservices. Ambika Recharge Solutionhelps you get rid ofall bothers related to prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer.Our electronic transaction processingsystem is unique, powerful and boon toboth distributors as well as retailers.

Theservices provided by AmbikaRecharge Solutionare backed by a group of expertswith great reputation andmost extreme commitment. Hence, you can rest assuredof our flawless services thatwill help you bring in new consumers in no time.With our distributionplatform, you can prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer anytimeround the clock. You neverneed to stress over running out of your balance withAmbika Recharge Solutionatyour side.

Createa distributor accountwith Ambika Recharge Solutionand let your journey ofaccomplishment start. AmbikaRecharge Solutionallow you to make unlimitedretailers under your distributoraccount in your distribution channel with us.You can set up a flat/ customizedmargin for all retailers who are listed underyou whether it is for prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer.

Weat Ambika Recharge Solutionarehere to joyfully help you in starting up yourutility services business andmaking your business grow. We offer you with bestin class services and avariety of reliable options to choose from. Growing upyour business with AmbikaRecharge Solutionis an experience in itself. We areprepared to help you in themost ideal ways and help you and your business todevelop smoothly.

Domestic MoneyTransfer


Secure, convenient and hassle free wayto make a payment

With the continuous push by thegovernment for a Digital India, there are ample opportunities available toplan, organize, and operate a lucrative money transfer venture in your area. Ifyou are looking for a dependable partner to set up the necessary technology andsupport ecosystem for this then don’t look beyond Ambika Recharge Solution.

We let you put together awell-performing customer service point (CSP) for banks like HDFC, ICICI, SBI,IDBI, and Axis Bank. As a retailer a customer can walk into the CSP andinitiate money transfer in the form of NEFT or IMPS. In turn, your systems willinteract with the bank to credit the beneficiary account with the amounttransferred. The streamlined process and secure architecture of our retaildistributionapiwhite label programare reasons that make us at Ambika RechargeSolution a good idea to start and run a great money transfer business.

Our Money Transfer serviceenables you to send money instantly 24 x 7 x 365 to any IMPS supported banks inIndia. The beneficiary will get the money credited into their bank accountwithin 10 -15 seconds. Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS) with IMPS/NEFTtechnology is a standout amongst the most demanding services today in India.The vast majority of the people are still not associated with the bank. The densityof banks in rural or semi urban area is still very low. In the event that aperson goes to the bank for depositing/transferring money to their relatives,including friends or family members, he/she needs to spend a long time and waitin queue. Our platform supports IMPS & NEFT transfer modes and the systemautomatically switches the transfer mode.

·        IMPS: InstantFund Transfer technology empowers instant fund transfer to any bank anytime(24×7) including Sunday or bank holidays.

·        NEFT: NationalElectronic Fund Transfer under RBI, which settles NEFT transactions in India asbatch wise and works only on working day and hours of RBI

·        Easy,Safe and Secure: You simply need to reach any nearest retailer instead ofsearching or waiting for queue. Retailers can assist in transfer moneyinstantly to the beneficiary.

·        Saveyour time: You can approach your retailer as per your convenience orcall him for assistance. You can spare your valuable time and not to ponder forlooking bank.

Prepaid Recharge

Mobile, DTH&Datacard

Fast, safeand secure way to rechargeyour prepaid recharges

We strive to offer the bestinclass prepaid recharge services for all leading mobile, dth anddatacardoperators on a pan India basis. Ambika Recharge Solution Pvt.Ltdprovidesvirtual top ups that enables retailers purchase fixed value of rechargethatcan be later dispensed to their end customers. The retailers caneasilyrecharge customers mobile, datacard and dth services

Through ourelectronictransaction processing system, retailers now can stay away from thebothersrelated with keep up top up scratch cards of different providers anddifferentvalue. All operators and all denomination of recharge would now beable to beeffectively stocked and dispensed through our powerful electronictransactionprocessing system. What's more, it also keeps track of your balance,limits andalerts you proactively of the need to buy additional top ups fromdistributorson a intermittent basis. This feature permits 0% downtime due tounavailabilityof recharge vouchers. This thus encourages 100% customersatisfaction since theywould now be able to benefit of all major prepaidrecharge vouchers at theretail outlets without having to fear non-availabilityof recharge vouchers.

Ambika RechargeSolutionPvt.Ltdprovides 100% infrastructure and support to let you operateasustainable prepaid recharge business in your area. We enablecomprehensiveprepaid recharge services for all operators in your area/zone.These include:


With people standing inlongqueues to get mobile recharged, you can explore a lucrativebusinessopportunity here. We help you with prepaid recharge services to set upyour ownrecharge business. We have Pan-India coverage for all mobile operatorslikeAirtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Videocon, Uninor, Reliance, MTS, and MTNL.

The electronictransactionprocessing system provided by Ambika Recharge Solution Pvt.Ltdfacilitates easyrecharge and top ups of mobile service providers. Our singlewindow electronictransaction processing system enables retailers to keep upadequate balance andto provide customers with on-request recharge facility forend customers, forevery major mobile operator that operates across India.Ambika RechargeSolution Pvt.Ltdeasy electronic transaction processing systemfor retailersensures that your customers are delighted by the top notch mobilerechargeservices provided at your retail outlet.

DTH Recharge

With theexponentialproliferation of satellite based dish TV coverage and recentgovernmentregulations requiring all cable operators to provide dth broadcastservices, ithas turned out to be vital for retailers and distributors to dealwith theextra over-burden of giving intermittent recharges to such an enormoussubscriberbase. It is here that Ambika Recharge Solution Pvt.Ltd dthelectronictransaction processing system proves to be useful for retail outletowners sothat customers can do on-the-spot recharge of any operator for anyvalue allunder the same roof. The simple administration and management ofonline rechargevouchers ensures quick and transparent dispensing of rechargevouchers for allmajor dth service providers.

With our expert supportinsetting up your own DTH prepaid recharge business, we will assist withyourtotal business solutions for an entrepreneur like you. With our expertiseyoucan successfully carry out recharge for major DTH services for consumersinyour area. With increasing government emphasis on set-top boxes for cableTVbroadcast, this can turn out to be a rewarding venture. We offer DTHprepaidrecharge services for providers like Tata Sky, Dish TV, Videocon D2H,Big TV,and Sun Direct


Newer methods ofaccessinginternet is on the ascent. Data cards are one such essential medium ofgettingonline on World Wide Web. With numerous players entering the data cardmarketacross the country, it becomes troublesome for retailers to keep readystock ofall data card service operators at their outlets. With Ambika RechargeSolutionPvt.Ltd, retailers would now be able to effectively keep away fromthesesuperfluous irritates by joining as our trusted channel partners. Allmajor dthservices would now be able to be recharged at a single place withoutanydelays, consequently guaranteeing 100% satisfied and regular customers.

If you are looking toutilizethe data card prepaid recharge services to cater to consumers, then youare atthe right place at Ambika Recharge Solution Pvt.Ltd. We provide totalsupportto let you set up, configure, and operate a successful prepaid datacardrecharge business with multiple partnership models like retaildistributionapiwhite label

Going with AmbikaRechargeSolution Pvt.Ltd you can avail of multiple business advantages. Theseinclude

·        Timely reconciliation thatkeeps your emerging business in mind

·        Great uptime statistics backedby a proven record on a Pan Indiabasis

·        Accessible customer supportthat addresses queries in quick time

Developer's API |Free Recharge API

Recharge API, Utility Bill Payment API,Money Transfer API

API stands for ApplicationProgramming Interface. An API is the interface carried out by means of anapplication which permits different applications to communicate with it. It isa set of of commands for setting up the conversation among server and anapplication through programming dialects and approaches which can be graspedand deciphered by softwares that conducts two way interchanges. In today’stechno advanced world, API is profoundly utilized as a part of a significantnumber of the business exchanges.

We at Ambika Recharge Solution allowyou to get the benefit of our robust, compelling and powerful API at ease andincorporate our numerous offerings in your current framework. Integrate ourfull-fledged API for all B2B, B2C, C2C and all other business models and offeryour customers with easy solutions for their prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer andmore.

Our API is independent of anyplatform. So, you can easily get our API integrated without any bothers of dealingbetween platforms. Also, our team of experts is right at your side to provideyou with 24x7 support in API integration and rapid deployment. We put allendeavors for presenting the most recent technological trends and that makesour API solutions stand out among the solutions by other companies.

With our API system, you willalso be able to keep a check on your available balance, commission earned,recharge history as well as the status of recharge. It also allow you to loadcash instantly and make transactions anytime round the clock.

We ensure maximum performancethrough the API system with constant uptime, 24x7x365 support, and easy to useweb interface that doesn’t require any special IT knowledge to operate. FreeAPI services at Ambika Recharge Solutionlets you extract maximum ROI on your partnershipwith us.

The major benefits of availingthe API solution from us include:

·        No Setup Cost

·        API System: Real-Time, High-Volume, and Scalability

·        Easy-to-use API

·        Developer-friendly API

·        Quickly Embedded within Apps & Websites

·        Single Url and Wallet for all Services – All prepaid recharges,utility bill payments, domestic money transfer transactions can be servicedthrough a single url and wallet

·        Detailed and Comprehensive Report

·        Highly Secured

·        Auto-Refund

·        Instant Commission

·        99.99% Uptime - Offers industry best figures in uptime with nearzero downtime

·        Free Updates - You can avail of Services from new operators andnew plans without any additional overheads

·        Quick Support


One Stop Solution

Attract more customers through ourcutting edge retail partnership

Existing entrepreneurs wouldnow avail benefit of integrating our enormously successful business model intotheir daily operations. Retail outlet owners would now be able to pull in morecustomers through Ambika Recharge Solution cutting edge retail partnershipwhere they get prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer.Our electronic transaction processing system facilitates easy administrationand management of all the services and help propagate your retail outlet as asingle window multi services outlet. Your business will be transformed to trulyrepresent ‘any operator, any time, any value’ adage that joys your customers byhaving all the utility services available under one roof.

As a retailer, you may want100% secure, safe, and reliable setup to run your own mobile recharge business.With one of the best cost to value ratio, Ambika Recharge Solution will be yourideal partner for a successful business. We provide a superior rechargeplatform for all types of recharge, bill pay and money transfer needs – mobile recharge, dth recharge, datacard rechargedomestic money transferpostpaid, landline, electricity, gas, insurance and othersutility bills. The responsive website works equally well on mobilesand laptops and ensures anywhere, anytime access to your retailer wallet andthus be assured of a firm control over your business operations.

By using Ambika RechargeSolution, retailers can avail of the following benefits:

·        Helps you simply add-on to your current business portfolio, addexponentially to your customer base in this way prompting a profitable venture.

·        Facilitates your entry into the ever-increasing ICE(Information, Communication, Entertainment) technological sphere, with highestnumber of service providers under one roof.

·        Provide convenience to your customers with a single-windowsystem for a wide range of recharge, utility bill payment or money transferservices.

·        Ambika Recharge Solution system provides a clear and real-timereporting environment for effective work process management.

·        With us, you can enable good stock keeping. You need not betroubled about under-stocking or over-stocking of various SKUs of differentproviders.

·        Any loss due to miscalculation or improper record keeping istaken care of with our fully automated system. The precise record keeping letsyou focus on customer servicing and increasing customer footfalls. This, inturn, increases customer satisfaction when they interact with your rechargecenter.

·        24x7 retailer and specialized support from Ambika RechargeSolution to help work out your technical queries.

·        With electronic storage of recharge denominations, there is norequirement for stock-keeping or shelf-space requirement, in this waydiminishing youraw3 cost of operations and prevent chances of theft or fraud.

·        No need to keep up high-denomination PINs. You can simply useour system for the desired-denomination PIN and we will ensure that you canavail of it readily.

·        Your business requisite of ssociating with end-customers fortheir online instant recharge/bill payments can be effectively manages through AmbikaRecharge Solution software and service offerings.

·        Retailers in both urban and rural areas can use the interfacewithout the fear of technology barrier affecting their work. It works on allmobile networks and GPRS and WAP systems, thus providing 24 x 7 x 365 uptime ofservices.

·        With real-time data updates, you remain constantly up-to-dateabout the transactions happening at your store for all types of operations -mobile recharge, utility bill payment, DTH, and money transfer.

At Ambika Recharge Solution,you get a one-stop shop solution to set up, configure, and run your ownrecharge business. With a single wallet, transparency and access, and userfriendly interface, you can depend on Ambika Recharge Solution for yourretailer business.

Whitelabel Solution

Your Brand, OurPlatform

Our platform is the most common andeasiest way to start yourbrand

Getthe necessaryinfrastructure support from us at Ambika Recharge Solution and yetpromote your ownbusiness brand with a 100% white label business model. Intoday’s age ofdynamic business partnerships, our white label program is justthe fuel youneed to fire up your growth. Rather than building the solution fromscratch,how about leveraging our deep domain experience and using it to growquickly?The sustainable business model picks on our experience and superiortechnologyto deliver exceptional advantages to your business.



Ourmulti recharge white labelwebsite, multi recharge white label portal, multirecharge white labelsoftware, mobile recharge white label website, mobilerecharge white labelportal, mobile recharge white label software, moneytransfer white labelwebsite, money transfer white label portal, money transferwhite label softwareis the most used platform for starting prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer business.This is a great platformparticularly for those with a low spending plan. Itlets you setup your name inmulti services business domain effortlessly and inno time.

Weat Ambika Recharge Solution bragof developing the leading white label websitein the industry. Our white labelwebsite is fully integrated and extremelypowerful. With the white labelwebsite at Ambika Recharge Solution, you canwithout much of a stretchprevail with regards to addressing the requirements ofyour customers. We offeryou the opportunity to have a single point access tothe day to daytransactions of your consumer. These day to day transactionsinclude all prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer andmore services that yourconsumer uses.

Ourwhite label websiteprovides you all latest features trending in the industry.You can customizethe platform using the various options that are being offeredto you byAmbika Recharge Solution. Our solutions make it simpler for prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility bill payments(electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer andmuch more.

Howour white label partnershipspells success for your business?

·        End toend technologysupport -From set up and deployment tomaintenance and upgrade, we provide the necessarytech support to grow yourbusiness. We take care of account management, servicemanagement, and productupgrades.

·        Holisticwhite labelbranding -You can integrate your own corporate colors, these, andlogo so that thesolution is consistent with your overall brand personality.This way yourcustomers can associate your services with your own brand andthus build aprominent and popular business.

·        Stockmaintenance madeeasy -You can rely on us to maintain optimum stock levels sothat you can avoidproblems of over-stocking or under-stocking. Thecomprehensive inventorymanagement lets you focus solely on what you do best –i.e. grow your business beyondyour competition with your smart work.

·        Versatilityofofferings -Be it mobile or data card recharges, utility billpayment (DTH, gas,electricity, or landline bill pay), or postpaid mobile billpayment, our whitelabel offering lets you work with a number of opportunitiesas per yourpreference.

Therewill be no need to testthe business model or prepare the groundwork, when ourwhite label arrangementis available for you. Associate with us and benefit fromthe fastest growingwhite label platform. Our white label platform allows you:

·        Easy to start, youwill get your white label within 24 hours.

·        You get ready madepanel for your retailers, distributors.

·        No specializedexpertise or team required to overseeprogramming.

·        Cost effective incomparison with developing your ownsoftware/interface.

·        Free server andhosting facility.

·        Developed on cloudwith the most innovative & up to datetechnologies one solution with prepaidrecharges (mobile, dth, datacard)utility billpayments (electricity, landline, gas,insurance)domestic money transfer.

·        Start for yourrecharge solution business with no hugeinvestment.

·        It is instant, soquick and simple to brand.

·        Dedicated admin portalto deal with your dealers, distributorsand resellers.

·        Recharge services forall major mobile service providers.

·        Strong backendsupport.

·        Great service 24x7round the clock.

·        Drive more customersto your website who are searching forutility services.

·        Hassle free set upwithout the need of any maintenance charges.

·        Ready mobileapplications for your customers.

·        Complete white labelsolution, no backlinks of us.

·        Inbuilt support toolsto give better support of your customers.

·        Enhanced admin paneland applications.

·        Free of cost SMS &Email alert integration.

·        It enables you to concentrateon your business' core competency.

·        Fast balancetransfers, even on Sundays & holidays.

Ambika Recharge Solution provided Permanent Account Number or PAN CSP, is a means of identifying various taxpayers in the country. PAN is a unique identification number assigned to Indians, mostly to those who pay tax. The PAN system of identification is a computer-based system that assigns unique identification number to every Indian tax paying entity. Through this method, all tax related information fora person is recorded against a single PAN number which acts as the primary key for storage of information. This is shared across the country and hence no two people on tax paying entities can have the same PAN.

The idea behind PAN is similar to the Social Security Number or SSN used in the United States. SSN in the US is a unique nine-digit number issued to all citizens of the US,permanent and temporary both. Although, the primary aim for SSN creation was to track individuals for social security purposes, it has now become a primary identification number for taxation processes.

Any PAN issue dis valid for the entire lifetime of the PAN holder.This is so majorly because PAN is unaffected by any change of address of the PAN cardholder.

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